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About Us
Labrador Homes & Co LLC has a full crew of experienced tradesmen and we are prepared to work with you in any way that best suits your needs. We have the ability to offer you a "turn-key" package - providing all phases of construction and site work. If you prefer, Labrador Homes can also serve as a General Contractor for your project and you can hire subcontractors for each phase of the job on your own.

Labrador Homes offers a range of services for the construction of Katahdin Cedar Log Homes and Labrador Modulars Modular Homes ranging from site preparation, full log erection and inside finish to simply weather-tighting your current home. Bring us your plans from another log or modular home company and we will be happy to give you an estimate to construct it!

Katahdin Cedar Log Homes offers beautifully crafted products in both milled and hand-peeled white cedar and white or yellow pine logs. Katahdin Cedar Log Homes are built to last - the natural oil in cedar repels insects and resists decay. For your convenience and selection, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes offers a wide variety of standard log home plans, as well as many designs that you can fully customize by specifying your design needs. The Katahdin Cedar Log Homes complete package is one of the most comprehensive in the log home industry. As part of their commitment to their product, they offer a 25 year warranty on their homes. The superb craftsmanship and proven durability of Katahdin Cedar Log Homes allows customers to make an investment in their future that they will treasure every day.

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